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5 College Rejection Reasons for Harvard, Stanford, and Kellogg

5 College Rejection Reasons for Harvard, Stanford, and Kellogg

Aside from knowing the average GMAT score for top business schools, you must learn of reasons students are rejected in their application. Top business schools want to know the real you behind those GMAT scores and resume. But before going to make an MBA essay review, a college or university has standards and GPA rates. Now, your question is what if you were rejected to a certain school. Find out more college rejection reasons.

  • Vulgar e-mail address
  • Bad essay
  • Schools saw your Facebook page
  • Questionable volunteer service
  • You write in text speak
  • Lame extra-curricular activities
  • Bad teacher recommendation letter

college rejection reasons

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Somehow, you passed all college requirements and average GMAT score for top business schools or average GMAT score Harvard but you are having a difficult time in choosing a college or university. Let’s take a look at the average GMAT scores of top business schools.

Average GMAT Score for Top Business Schools

  • Average GMAT score Harvard Business school – 725, Rank 1
  • Stanford Graduate School of Business – 733, Rank 2
  • University of Chicago – 726, Rank 2
  •  University of Pennsylvania (Wharton) – 732, Rank 4
  • Northwestern University (Kellogg) – 724, Rank 5
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology – 716, Rank 5
  • University of California-Berkeley – 715, Rank 7
  • Yale School of Management – 761, Rank 8
  • Dartmouth – 717, Rank 8
  • Columbia Business School – 715, Rank 10

It’s the time for you to choose a business school if obtaining a degree in Business Administration, especially if you pass the average GMAT score Harvard, but how do you really get into one?

Familiarize your GMAT score and course requirements, and then compare it to the average GMAT scores of the top business schools for you to know where you fit in. Admission writing comes next, where you get to work on your MBA essay.

How to Write MBA Essay

  • Express your values
    Your goal is to share your experiences so that the admission committee will know what inspires and motivates you. This essay is one of course requirements where your experiences can reveal your values.
  • Stay away from “type”
    Avoid being a common individual. The admissions committee is not looking for certain profiles of individuals but they want to know the real and unique you.
  • This is not a Career Goals Essay
    This is certainly not the type of essay where you discuss your career goals. It should be the journey of your past connected to your aspirations in business schools.
  • Avoid writing your biography
    It isn’t wrong to discuss your biography but this essay cannot become your biography. You cannot write your whole personal history because it is not relevant for an MBA essay.
  • Do not rehash your resume
    It is not necessary to discuss details about your professional experiences. This essay is more about who you are than what you have done.
  • Consider your word count
    Applicants who were successful made a 750-1,250-word essay. It will take someone’s time to read your essay. If possible, reduce the words without taking away the important ones.
  • You should offer more
    Avoid revising over and over again because you will tend to remove the effectiveness of it. Stay away from your essay once you finish it and evaluate better when you come back.

It’s hard to start the writing process especially when it’s about yourself. Here is a structure or a format that can help you in starting your MBA essay.

  • Start off with an introduction and get real
  • Why this business school
  • Prove you can rule the world
  • Flaunt your personality

Some Good Examples of Sentences for an MBA Essay:

“In the last five years, I have improved through effort in two specific areas – the political area and the business management area.

“I decided to take this path because I feel it is where I can express my skills and talent to contribute to the society.

“I learned much about myself from the decision process. It was a healthy process that helped me mature and become more focused with what I want.

These are some of the great MBA essays from top business schools. Apply for business schools, write your MBA essay and get a taste of success.Having a hard time in how to write MBA essay? Fear not because you can, in fact, use an MBA essay review service to avoid college rejection reasons in your application.

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